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3 Jul


Finding the motivation to achieve your goals

Staying motivated is one of the biggest challenges I face on a daily basis. My To-Do list is usually packed with a whole bunch of tasks that need completing. However, sometimes no matter how great my list is I find myself lounging on the coach, scoffing down Oreos and eagerly watching the latest episode of TrueBlood. Ultimately getting nothing done. When it comes to becoming motivated and staying that way I am one of those people who has to actively make an effort. I have to force myself to be productive otherwise I get lazy. This is why as the years have passed I have developed a few tips and tricks to keeping myself motivated and ultimately achieving what I want to. Don’t get me wrong I don’t always abide by my own rules/guidelines and have spent many a night studying until the am because procrastination go the better of me (Damn Reddit!) but these tricks do help me out 90% of the time and help me achieve what I want to.


Why do you want to become motivated? What do you want to achieve? Whether it’s dropping a dress size, getting a degree or saving for a new car you need to determine what you want to achieve. Everyone has goals no matter how small they are and determining what they are is the first step to achieving them. So write a list, get researching do what ever you have to do to determine what it is you want to achieve in the short and long term.

Finding the Motivation to achieve your goals


So now that you know what you want to achieve you need to determine how you can do so. I like to start off by creating a mind map. A list or Pinterest Board works too. But the key is to find what works for YOU! When it comes to tackling your goals it’s best to take baby steps and be realistic, especially when it comes to timeframes. Yes, loosing 30kg is doable, but giving yourself 3 months to do and scheduling in 5 hours of exercise a day isn’t realistic (or healthy for that matter).  It’s best to start off small and build yourself up. Remember it takes 21-30 days to break a habit and adapt a new routine. So don’t rush yourself. If you are reasonable with your goals and timeframes you are less likely to fail. And even if you do fail, who cares?! Try again and again. As C.S Lewis said ” Failures are the finger posts on the road to achievement”.


It’s easy to become distracted and forget about what you want to achieve or put your goals on the back burner of everyday life. This is why it is important to reinforce your goals. Whether it be by following a fit-spiration page on Instagram to help keep you motivated to exercise or  someone on Twitter who’s in your dream career just to remind you that all that study will be worth it. I personally like to surround myself with the work of designers I love. Not only do I find looking at their works inspiring but they remind me of what I want to achieve. Plus how cool it is to think that maybe one day something I have created is hanging on someone else’s wall inspiring them. Find what stimulates you and inspires (cheesy I know!).

Finding the motivation to achieve your goals


The support of your friends and family is one of your greatest assets. Friends and family have the ability to help you out when you need it and give that little bit of encouragement you may need to keep going. If you share alike goals with a friend of family member it’s a great idea to work together to achieve them. Whether that means exercising together, study dates or allowing yourself to be be called out when you find yourself in a motivation slump scrolling for hours on Facebook.


I have mentioned this before, but the importance of taking care of yourself is of the paramount to success. In order to be productive and motivated you need to make sure you are taking care of yourself not just physically but mentally as well. This means allowing yourself time to relax. Taking the time to relax will help relieve stress and allow yourself to live in the moment for a little bit and appreciate day to day life, not just what the future brings. So no matter how goal orientated you become, take the time to relax and indulge in a little me time. Trust me it’s well worth it. I also find allowing myself time to relax helps eliminate bouts of procrastination or me from drifting off when things start to get a tad tedious, like staring at code.

Do you have any tips and tricks to staying motivated? If so feel free to share them in the comments sections, I’d love the hear them!


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Spotlighted Blogger

1 Jul



Today I am super excited to introduce to you my Hawaiian Penpal and fellow Design and Lifestyle Blogger Jess from Jess Classy! Jess was kind enough to let me pick her brain and answer and few of my questions. Here’s what she had to say:

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you enjoy doing for fun
Aloha I’m Jess and i’m a 21-year-old design and lifestyle blogger from Hawai’i. I definitely love avocados (totally hated them before) and playing with makeup. I enjoy spending countless hours being connected to the internet world as well as eating (lots and lots of food) and shopping.


What made you decide to get into Graphic Design?
When I was 11, I was sent away to a week-long computer camp and I learned the basics of photoshop. I didn’t feel like I was creative on pencil and paper but I was definitely creative online. I kept up with it here and there and helped my family and friends with making t-shirt designs. Graphic design just always stuck with me.


When did you start blogging and what made you decide to start doing so?
I started blogging in October 2012 and it was never meant to me something serious. My initial goal was to be a beauty vlogger and use my blog to promote my videos. YouTube didn’t work out too well for me and I started getting back into html coding and design. After a baby bump with WordPress, I moved to Blogger and continued to be a beauty, health and lifestyle blogger. However, I was feeling obligated to write only about beauty health and lifestyle so last month I decided to go broad and change my tagline to “design x lifestyle”. Since then, I’ve felt like I’ve been more creative with my blog posts, graphics and blog design.


What advice would you give any inspiring Design and Lifestyle Bloggers?
Go for it! I know it sounds cliche, but put yourself out there and if you fail, pick your ass back up and do it again because practice makes perfect. You’ll never know unless you try. And being broad gives you so much more time to come out with awesome content.

What is your favourite post on your blog?
How To Do What You Love, Not Do What They Do ( is my FAAAVORITE post.


Who are your Blogging Inspirations?
I love : Yes and Yes, Silly Grrl, Hello Giggles, PixiWishesForeheadKisses (Naww!) & Love and Olive Oil.

Where would you recommend someone visiting Hawaii go? Any local hotspots? 

This really is a hard question considering most visitors would like a guide to all eight islands (Eep! I’ve only been to 4). I’ll try my best and stick to what I know!

-If you’re traveling to O’ahu (Honolulu), you would definitely need to check out Pearl Harbor. It’s a piece of history that cannot be forgotten (just like every war). If you’re into beautiful scenery, check out the Pali Lookout, a panoramic view of the Ko’olau mountains and Kane’ohe as well as the history is a place you don’t want to miss. As for food, you’ll probably check out a luau to try your first (or second) bite of Hawaiian food, but I would also recommend Hailis and Duke’s. If you’re not feeling the Hawaiian food, my favorite Italian restaurant is Sabrina’s. Oh and don’t forget about the North Shore where you can get awesome shave ice at Matsumoto’s, check out the pineapple fields at Dole Plantation.


-If you’re traveling to Kaua’i and into horticulture, you would definitely want to check out the Salt Pond Beds and the Hanalei Taro Fields. I’d also recommend having a look at Waimea Canyon as well as hiking Sleeping Giant. If you’re boats, check out Na Pali Explorer for a tour of the Na Pali Coast. You can only travel their by boat! If you’re hungry, check out Bubba’s burgers! If you want authentic Kaua’i island wear (you can only find it on Kaua’i) go to the Tamba store in Kapa’a.

-If you’re traveling to Maui, head out to ‘Iao Valley and swim in the icy waters of Kepaniwai. Watch the sunrise at Haleakala and take a stroll through Lahaina and spend a day driving on the road to Hana.

-If you’re traveling to Hilo (that’s the only part of the Big Island I traveled to) be sure to head out to Jaggar Museum. where you can BEST see Hawai’i's ONLY active volcano. I recommend bundling up and going at night to see Halema’uma’u, the home of the fire goddess Pele.

I hope you have gotten to know a little bit about Jess as much as I have. Feel free to stop by her blog and see my responses to her interview.


(All images from the Jess Classy Blog.)

Everyday Happenings

11 Jun



Last week was a week full off surprises! I celebrated my Birthday and was spoiled rotten by my lovely friends, family and readers. Thank you to everyone who sent me sweet little messages, emails and e-cards; I felt very loved. You are all amazing! If that wasn’t enough to make my week, my beautiful roommate was kind enough to bake me a delicious double chocolate fudge cake (pictured above) and bring me breakfast in bed the morning after a few too many cocktails! Exams and assignments are finally under wraps and it’s time to relax and soak up what is left of the sunshine before the Australian Winter hits full force. I hope you all had a great week too! Becky xo

Love & Lifestyle

11 Jun



I don’t know about you guys but I love nothing more than finding an amazing new iPhone app. to play around with. After going through and deleting a bunch of unused and impulse app. buys I thought it would be fun to share my favourites. To be honest I have a lot of favourites, but instead of boring you all senseless with a huge list I decided to narrow it down to my top 10, across various categories. What are your favourite apps? Feel free to share them in the comments, I’d love to hear them!



If like myself you love going to a gig, concert of show then Songkick is definitely the right app for you. Songkick syncs with your Facebook music “likes” as well as your iTunes account and creates a calendar of events based upon such bands/artists tour dates and gigs. So handy! This App is my now not-so-serect secret to keeping on track of my favourite bands.



The first moment I discovered and used Shazam I was amazed! Shazam allows you determine the title and artist of a song playing simply by recording a few seconds of sound. The App also allows you to directly purchase that song on Itunes after recording. Which is really handy at those times where you find yourself in love with a song but have no clue who it’s by. I used to scroll down lyrics on my legs to Google before this App I discovered this App!

PRICE: Free for a limited amount of recordings per month or $7.49AU for lifetime subscription.

Bloglovin app



Bloglovin is my got to app for keeping track of the many blogs I read both on the go. The app has a really pretty yet  functional userface that it super easy to use.

PRICE: Free.



Taptodo is my go-to organisational app. Tadtodo is linked to your Google account and allows you to make an interactive to-do list and daily schedule. It’s really easy to use and free to download.





Easy Diet Diary is what I use almost everyday to keep track of my calorie intake and exercise. The feature I like best of all is that you can upload foods/drinks you consume that aren’t already listed and add all the nutritional details from the packaging. The app. also allows you to record weight loss in accordance  to your BMI and daily food and exercise by mapping it nicely on a graph.

PRICE: Free.


A easy way of keeping track of your monthly cycle. Easy to use and free to download.



RunKeeper is what I use to keep rack of not only how long I have ran but how many calories I have burn and how far I have gone. The best free running app. I have tried and a great way to keep track of progress and fitness goals.





Out all all the camera/photography apps. I have tried Camera+ is my favourite. The apps allows you to not only zoom and focus whilst taking the picture but edit for clarity, crop, add borders as well as add numerous special effects.

PRICE: $0.99


How to edit isn’t just another camera app. rather a pocket guide to combining majority of the  popular photography apps. on the market to create some amazing results and effects. The app. has a bunch of tutorials, is easy to follow and a great way to turn your everyday pics into something special. Such a unique idea and definitely worth the $5.49 in my opinion.

Price: $5.49



COCOPPA: Cocoppa has to be the cutest app on the market! Cocoppa allows you to change the standard iPhone app icons to adorable Kawaii styled icons. You also have the option of uploading your own designs for personal use or sharing. Can’t wait to make a set of my own!

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Love & Lifestyle

3 Jun


Coffeebeachdutch pancakesshoes

The weeks just seem to by flying by and it’s hard to believe it’s June already! My past week, like the previous was a pretty slow one with a lot of work and study and not too much else. The highlight of my week had to be the arrival of my new iMac! It was something I had been wanting to buy for a while and after working a lot of overtime and saving my cash I finally caved and bought it. I must say I’m in love! Being about to view my work on Illustrator & Photoshop on the one screen without flicking between two is amazing. But enough about my geeky new purchase. This week my work colleges and I decided to spice up Friday Night Cocktails and head to the local comedy club instead. I must say best $20 I have ever spent. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. The next morning we spent (freezing) at the beach and enjoying some amazing dutch pancakes. I hope you all had a more exiting week than I did! Becky xo


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