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8 Jul





This week has been a super busy one full of back to work blues (I wish life was all holidays and cappuccinos), a lot of design work, study and catch ups with old friends. Amongst all that I decided, on a whim to redo my blog design. If you can’t tell already I love monochromatic themes and red is my favourite colour, so I thought it fitting to use it as my accent colour. What do you think? Too drab?  I also became reaquainted with my love of beer and became way too excited to learn that The Brisbane Beer Festival is happening soon. I am pretty sure I am more excited than any person should be about the prospects of trying a heap of different Bavarian beers! I have already bought my tickets (Thanks Groupon!) and can hardly wait.  I hope you all had a great week too! What are you looking forward to?



Everyday Happenings

11 Jun



Last week was a week full off surprises! I celebrated my Birthday and was spoiled rotten by my lovely friends, family and readers. Thank you to everyone who sent me sweet little messages, emails and e-cards; I felt very loved. You are all amazing! If that wasn’t enough to make my week, my beautiful roommate was kind enough to bake me a delicious double chocolate fudge cake (pictured above) and bring me breakfast in bed the morning after a few too many cocktails! Exams and assignments are finally under wraps and it’s time to relax and soak up what is left of the sunshine before the Australian Winter hits full force. I hope you all had a great week too! Becky xo

Love & Lifestyle

3 Jun


Coffeebeachdutch pancakesshoes

The weeks just seem to by flying by and it’s hard to believe it’s June already! My past week, like the previous was a pretty slow one with a lot of work and study and not too much else. The highlight of my week had to be the arrival of my new iMac! It was something I had been wanting to buy for a while and after working a lot of overtime and saving my cash I finally caved and bought it. I must say I’m in love! Being about to view my work on Illustrator & Photoshop on the one screen without flicking between two is amazing. But enough about my geeky new purchase. This week my work colleges and I decided to spice up Friday Night Cocktails and head to the local comedy club instead. I must say best $20 I have ever spent. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. The next morning we spent (freezing) at the beach and enjoying some amazing dutch pancakes. I hope you all had a more exiting week than I did! Becky xo

Everyday Happenings

27 May


FluffymojitowoofsconesThis past week as been a super busy one and to be honest I have spent majority of my spare time behind the computer screen working on assignments and not the fun stuff; mainly web coding (sigh!). However, one non-code related assignment which I quiet enjoyed required me create a flyer for a pet food company. Instead of using stock images I thought it would be fun to have a little photo shoot with my cat and dog (If my neighbours didn’t think I was strange already they sure do now!). You can see a few of the images above. If you follow me on Instagram chances are you’ve already seen them. I’d post the final result (the flyer) but my Uni frowns upon that until the semester is over. Other than a bunch of study I enjoyed a mojito with some old high school friends and found the cutest little cafe and indulged in some fluffy scones. I hope you all had a productive week like I did! Becky xox


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