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16 Oct



Not everyone can afford a lake house, but most people would love to own one. The idea of spending lazy summer days by the water, hanging out with friends and family and simply relaxing sounds great, doesn’t it?

If you’d like to live this dream, it’s not impossible; you don’t even need to win the lottery. There are plenty of options out there for you to enjoy the summer wherever you feel the most comfortable, and all within the walls of your own property.



Photo Credit Podspace

If you’re looking to make the most of summer, you don’t even need to leave the house. An EcoPod is the perfect way to bring the vacation to you. Tranquil, luxurious, environmentally friendly and practical, the EcoPod is a fantastic addition to any household. can create the pod to fit your requirements exactly, so whether it’s a studio, bar, guest area or simply somewhere to go and relax, you can create the pod of your dreams all in the comfort of your own home.

Tiny Cabins


The Kanga Bay Forest Service Cabin Photo Credit Roger Golub

While a cabin based in the woods sounds kind of creepy, there are some fantastically twee smaller cabins you simply couldn’t resist staying in. Companies such as Kanga Room Systems offer incredibly small cabins of 14 feet by 14 feet, so you can literally spend all summer by the lake without worrying where you’ll sleep.

Meanwhile, Cabin Fever offer some similar cabins at a slightly larger size if going that small really wouldn’t work for you. Both types offer luxury additions to the cabins so you’ll never have to skimp on comfort.

Tree tents


Tensile structure at Epcot Photo Credit elfsternberg

This is camping taken to the next level! Tree tents combine the joy of a tree house with the eco-friendly nature of camping by creating a hybrid which stays semi-permanently above ground. You can even have a wood-burning stove installed for a really interesting experience!

For something a little more basic, Tensile’s Stingray offers a cross between a free-swinging hammock with a protected tent so you can really get back in touch with nature!

House boat rental


Real House Boat at the Gates CO-OP Photo Credit Steve Siri

Rather than renting a house, you could consider renting a vessel which is directly on the lake – a house boat! These are the perfect places to stay if you’re looking to get as much as possible from a vacation as you never need to travel to the water since you’re already there!

There are lots of sites such as which will help you find the house boat perfect for you, whether you’re looking to fish, swim or simply enjoy the view.



26 Sep


Live and Let LiveSignnn

The advantages of Active Procrastination

12 Aug



Procrastination is something we all do and often those who procrastinate too much are thought to lack the drive to get things done. This however, isn’t necessarily true.  Procrastination needn’t be a bad thing and those who actively procrastinate can use it to their advantage and become quiet successful. So what I am saying is that, that half an hour you spend playing BingoGodz in-between editing essays or researching an assignment needn’t be a bad thing or stop you from getting things done and may in fact help keep you on track and limit stress. Serial procrastinators like myself, can utilize their desire to procrastinate to not only complete the tasks they need to but do so whilst managing stress and task-related anxiety.

Don’t believe me? Well, hear me out:



Finding the motivation to achieve your goals


Nobody works well when angry, frustrated or bored out of his or her mind. Procrastination allows one to set a task aside and have a carefree break. My Mother always says ” Walk away and come back to it with a clear head” and guess what? This totally works for me. As an Active Procrastinator I have no trouble leaving a task à moitié fait in lieu of playing a few Internet games or responding to emails. This is because I know when I do come back to such task my mind will be clear, I will be less frustrated and able to focus. Plus the added buzz of accomplishing whatever else I set off to do, no matter how small it may have been gives me that little bit more of a push to get working on the task at hand to regain that satisfaction.


Generally, as I procrastinate and put more and more things ahead of actually completing an important task I spend a hell of a lot more time thinking about such task and the diminishing time I have to complete it. I may not want to write that essay and won’t, but Instead I will spend hours developing ideas, researching and thinking outside the box without putting fingertips to keyboard or even opening a Word doc. Basically I will find anything else other than actually writing the darn thing to do. These ideas and research are often the basis of a great final result and something I would have never thought of if completing such task was my number one priority and sole focus.


Some of my best work is work I have completed in lieu of not doing something else. Ask any procrastinator and they will tell you that a lot of time and dedication goes into a task that is being undertaken as a way of avoiding another.


Not everyone produces his or her best work across a long time period.  In fact, some people are more successful when they are given a tight time constraint and a strict deadline. For those who know that this is how they operate, sometimes becoming an active procrastinator is the key to success and results.


So there you have it 4 general reasons why Active Procrastination can be beneficial to success and happiness. Don’t get me wrong Passive Procrastination which often leads to afternoons of nothingness is far different to Active Procrastination but if you are able to channel your Procrastination Actively you are well on your way to becoming what I like to call a Productive Procrastinator.  What do you think? Are you a serial procrastinator who uses this trait to your benefit? And if so, how?


Want to learn more?

Learn more about Structured Procrastination here.

Professor Frank Partnoy tells us why procrastination is good for us in this interview.

Back from (what felt like) the dead!

25 Jul


Orange Snail!

Posting here has been a little slack lately and I apologise! Double shifts at works and a heap of study had left me rundown and with a nasty chest infection. I however, am happy to say that after a short stay in hospital, a lot of sleep and a bucket load of oranges I am on the mend. So stay tuned for some new tips and tricks, recipes and Photoshop tutorials in the coming days.


Tried & Tested: ASOS Stylists

15 Jul




I have been a huge fan of ASOS for years now and am not exaggerating when I say about 3/4 of my wardrobe is from their online store. When I thought ASOS couldn’t get any better I discovered their “Chat to a Stylist” feature. After a bit of hesitation I decided to give it a go and was pleasantly surprised. The whole idea of the ASOS’s online stylists is to assist customers in sorting out any fashion dilemmas they encounter. They also give helpful advice when it comes to finding the perfect garments for ones size, shape and budget. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a tad sceptical at first. The cynic in me thought that outfit requests would be automated and generic and in no way tailored to suit each individual request. Boy was I wrong and will happily eat humble pie. Like most women on the hunt for a new outfit I like to ensure it that it a) suits the occasion (if there’s one), b) suits my style and body shape and c) fits my budget. This were all aspects I wanted to ensure that the ASOS stylist I spoke to addressed and she did!


The stylist I spoke to was super friendly and I got the impression she was having fun with what she was doing. In a way it was like fashion gossip pre-party with a girl friend. I decided to enlist her help in finding an outfit for an upcoming concert and after party I am attending at the end of this month. To put this feature to the test I set a few guidelines to ensure the suggestions suited me and the occasion perfectly.


  • I wanted something practical for the gig (no heels, skirts, dresses etc.) that also would be nice enough to wear to the after party. (I am traveling via train to the event(s) and don’t wish to carry another outfit with me or go home and change.)
  • Suited my shape and size. I also noted that I don’t like clothing to cling around my tummy when I drink, which I intended on doing (Beer belly plus tight fitting clothing is never a good combo haha!)
  • My budget: I set a budget of $200AU for the entire outfit, including shoes and accessories.

After a few questions and a lot of chatter here’s the outfit we came up with:

Final OutfitImages Sources: Striped Frilled Tee, Shard Necklace, Wedges Boots, Acid Washed Ripped Jeans.


The chosen outfit wasn’t something that I would usually go for in it’s entirely but overall I was happy with the stylist’s choices and it fit my budget. The jeans in my opinion are perfect and a bargain at $50. Once she linked them I knew they would be mine! The top isn’t something I would normally wear (frills aren’t usually my thing) but the Stylist explained how the cut would allow room for movement which would not only be comfortable when dancing but be flattering. I took her word on this and bought the top (as well a the jeans and boots) and she was right! The top was far less maternity-looking than I expected and I actually liked the style, frills and all. I can see myself freely dancing it, beer belly and all! The boots are super cute and look great with the chosen jeans but I after a bit of thought decided that they are entirely practical for the gig as I will be on my feet all night and wedges tend to give me sore arches if worn for a prolonged period of time. Instead I decided to opt for something covered and flat but will get a lot of use of the suggested boots this coming winter as I really do love how they look with jeans. The necklace was the only suggestion I chose not to buy. Although I really do like it, it is something I already have in many designs and at $41 I thought it was a tad too expensive.

asos m

The Verdict? I found the ASOS Stylist very helpful and it was a fun experience interacting with her. Because of her advice and suggestions I was (mostly) able the find what I was after and bought something I usually wouldn’t and loved it (the frilled top). Overall I believe ASOS’s online Stylists are a great addition to the website and are well worth the time it takes to register for a consult. If you have any fashion concerns or questions or like myself are simply curious I highly recommend taking the time to speak with one. You won’t be disappointed.

Have you spoken to an ASOS Stylist before? If so, what was your experience like? I am really curious to hear about it so feel free to email me or comment below.

Signnn(Images 1, 2 & 4 from ASOS Blog)

(This post was not sponsored or in accordance with ASOS in any way)


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