Sponsorship & Press


Below are some of the services offered for Companies, Bloggers and Affiliates.

  • Product Reviews (Including book reviews and company services)
  • Giveaways
  • Ad Space
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Promotion via Social Media

If you would like to discuss other promotional options or packages free to contact me for negotiations.

Current Statistics (Current as of May 2013)
  • 1,200+  Daily Page Views. With a high of 5,112 on May 27th, 2013.
  • 1,500+ Facebook Fans
  • 5,500+ Twitter Followers
  • 2,500+ Pinterest Followers
  • 200+ Friends on Goodreads
  • 2200+ Instagram Followers
  • Google PR: 4
Site Stats June 2013
Brands I have worked with:
  • Harrods UK
  • Glasses USA
  • Al Chemy Cordials
  • Craft Coffee
  • eHarmony
  • JaJo Couture
  • Persun Mall
  • Brochure Printing Online
  • My Postcard Printing
  • 24 Hour Print
  • Numerous Authors and their Publicists

Reviews can be done for the price of the product. The product must be full size in order for me to be able to do a full review with. This item will not be returned once review is done. My reviews will contain:

  • Info about the company and the product
  • Links to the company website and product page itself as well as links to any media source
  • Photos of the product and/or the product in use
  • An honest opinion about the product
  • Promotion of the Review via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.)
  • Up to 2 keywords linking to your website or product
  • If the product is something I will continue to use (ie: kitchenware, design software etc.) it may be referenced in future posts for additional exposure.

(Please note I am located in Australia so you must be willing to ship any review products to this destination)

  • Giveaways are available for any products I deem suitable for my target audience.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any offers for whatever the reason be.
  • Sponsor must be willing to ship to at least the USA or Australia. However, worldwide shipping is preferred.
  • It is the Sponsor’s responsibility to ship the prizes the winners.
  • All giveaways will be promoted via social media for maximum exposure.
  • Giveaway posts will include links to the sponsor’s company website and or media sources.
  • Once giveaway has ended I will contact the winner giving them 48 hours to claim the prize. I will then forward the information on to the sponsor.
  • Winners will be chosen via Random Picker or Rafflecopter.
  • Sponsors may include entrance requirements within reason. For example Facebook likes or following on Twitter.

If you are interested in hosting a Giveaway please don’t hesitate to contact me for negotiations as well as information about fees and keyword inclusions.

Ad Space:
  • Ad Space is available to approved applicants.
  • Cost will depend on ad size, position and promotion length.
  • Please contact me for negotiations.
Sponsored Posts:

Sponsored posts are available for purchase providing the content is suitable for my audience. Cost will depend on post size, content, links and keywords required. All posts will be written with SEO in mind and promoted via social media for maximum exposure. Please contact me for negotiations.

Disclosure Statement:

Pixi Wishes & Forehead Kisses is a For Profit Blog. All opinions and reviews are solely my own and are in no way influenced by any form of compensation. All sponsored posts, Giveaways and reviews are tagged as “Sponsored”. I do not and will not promote any product or service I personally don’t believe in. All content is my own unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share it, but please do not copy word for word. A link would be greatly appreciated when any of my content or images are used. Pinning of featured images is allowed and encouraged. Having said this please leave this blog as the original source, do not alter it. 

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

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