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Fashion Inspiration

14 May



Just to set things straight I am not getting married! But my best friend of 18 years is! I remember as 6 year olds cutting out pics from mum’s Vogue of our ideal wedding dresses and grooms! Well my Bestie’s big day is fast approaching and as a student saving for her (and her future husband’s) first home money is tight. Like most brides B wants things things to be perfect and her wedding dress is no exception BUT $4,000 for a dream dress sadly isn’t feasible. After a chat with our recently newlywed friend we decided to search for cheap wedding dresses online. Ebay was the first place we searched, but I guess a lot of other soon to be brides had the same idea as bidding got pretty intense and she keep getting out bid. That’s when we decided to search online and discovered that some online stores have gorgeous wedding dresses for under $200 and with a bit of altering the these dresses are a budget friendly way of finding the perfect dress. Here are the two she is tossing up between, both astonishingly under $150!

Wedding Dresses

Dress 1. Dress 2

Do you have any budget friendly Wedding tips? I’d love to hear them! Becky xo

Love and Life

25 Apr



If you’ve worked up the courage to give online dating a go, it goes without saying you might feel a little nervous. And much of that nervousness comes from wanting to make a good first impression. In the world of online dating, our profile is the same as that all-important first sighting, the moment when a couple’s eyes first met across a room. It’s also your chance to show the world what sort of person you really are. If it sounds like a lot of pressure, then don’t panic. Creating your page can be both a simple and fun, provided you follow some simple guidelines. With this in mind here is a look at the most important dos and don’ts for creating an online profile to impress.

DO be honest
There are plenty of white lies that can seem appealing when you’re promoting yourself. But whether you’re tempted to knock a few years off your age or pounds off your waistline, it’s important to think about who you’re really tricking in the long run. When you eventually organise a date in person, you want to be able to walk in feeling confident and proud that you truly live up to your online persona.

DON’T be negative
Nearly all of us have experienced the heartache of a breakup at some stage or another. But it’s important to not reflect your hurt or angry feelings in your profile. Finding new love is a positive, forward-thinking process, and your dating profile should be filled with optimism. Not to mention if you’re feeling jaded or angry about dating, chances are you’re not quite emotionally ready yet.


DO showcase your best traits and values
Online dating sites such as eHarmony AU have excellent success rates when it comes to matching likeminded people. But to experience this success it’s important to list all of your core values, beliefs and attitudes. This combination of personal qualities is what allows the best dating sites to pair matches based on their ingrained compatibility, the backbone to a long and successful relationship.

DON’T post a deceptive picture
We all have a favourite photo or two in our old albums, perhaps one that shows off our best side or a particularly good haircut. But posting an old photo is at the end of the day quite a deceptive thing to do. Making a good first impression is important, but so is showing how honest you are in the long run. So do yourself a favour and be proud of how you look today. Also be sure to avoid prop-heavy photographs, like a concealing hat or chunky sunglasses.

DO list your favourite activities and pass times
They say opposites attract, but when it comes to striking up a conversation online, finding common ground is always a confidence booster. When you take the time to list all your favourite activities – whether it’s baking, sailing or anything in between – you’ve got a much better chance of finding a kindred spirit who shares your passions.

If you’re keen to learn more about creating the perfect online relationship profile, plus plenty more tips and advice for the world of online dating, then simply click here.

*This is a sponsored post on the behalf of eHarmony.

Design Details

23 Feb


poster art Forget canvas prints this seasons hottest budget friendly wall art trend is poster prints. Whether they be gloss, matte, blueprint, black and white, oversized, layered or dissected a poster print is the way to go when it comes to home decorating. I love wall art but on a student budget and with my forever changing tastes it can be unaffordable to be purchasing paintings or canvas art every time I fall in love with a new design or photo. Poster prints start out around $7 a pop and are a great way to add interest to any space. I plan on getting a few made up after a bit of Photoshop tweaking. I am leaning towards a 30″ by 30″ black and white photo collage. So stayed tuned for some pics!  Becky xo

PS here are a few ideas I am also loving: Divided Poster Prints, His and Hers Prints and Blueprint Poster Art.

First Image Source.

Competition Time thanks to eHarmony

9 Feb



While I am no expert in the field of dating it’s safe to say I have been on many dates. Some good, some ok and some so bad I cringe just thinking about them! I don’t care if anyone says otherwise; dating is hard. There’s the pressure of making a good first impression, keeping up interesting conversation and as superficial as it sounds finding the perfect outfit. What you wear on a date can have a huge impact on how you feel and act. If you show up in ill-fitting and uncomfortable entire you can find your self fiddling with your clothes and feeling self-conscious. None of which give the impression of confidence, a quality most people deem important in a partner. When choosing what to wear you want something that is suitable for the occasion {Mini Golf and heels is a no-no}, is a comfortable and shows off your best features.

Thanks to eHarmony; one of Australia’s fastest growing Dating Sites  you needn’t fret about the fashion side of your next date or even finding one, as one lucky winner will receive a $250 Westfield Gift Voucher (which can be used in store or online) to spend on finding the perfect date outfit as well as a 3 month Subscription to eHarmony. Already taken? You needn’t worry the subscription is fully transferable to a friend or family member. {Who doesn’t love playing Cupid and a shopping spree!?}

Westfield and eHarmony Voucher Comp


There are 3 ways to enter; 

  1. Comment on this post with a brief description of your dream date. (Required)
  2. Tweet ” I’d love to #win a $250 Westfield gift card via @becky_kos http://bit.ly/XtryLk” and comment once you have done so.
  3. Like eHarmony AU of Facebook and comment below.

To gain all 3 entries you MUST comment 3 times, one for each of the above. Competition closes Midnight EST February 25th, 2013.
Good luck!

Competition Terms and Conditions:

Competition is open Australia Wide, so whether you are looking for Perth Singles or any other Australian Singles for that matter this competition is for you. Competition is open to Australian residents over the age of 18 only. The giveaway is a game of skill. Entries will be judged on originality and creativity, editor’s decision is final. There will be one winner and the prize is no negotiable. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries. Please allow 30 days for prize delivery. If winner does not respond within 30 days of the closing date of the competition another winner will be selected. Please only one entry and 2 bonus entries per person.

First Image Source. Blue cut out dress by Show Pony available at Westfield and Westfield Online.

Love & Lifestyle

24 Nov


A guide to creating the perfect romantic meal

Brought to you by eHarmony

When it comes to creating a truly romantic atmosphere, a beautiful home-cooked meal is an excellent start. However there are some recipes that are more inspiring than others when it comes to creating a sensual mood. For any would-be romantics with a knack in the kitchen, here is a step-by-step guide to producing the perfect recipe for 2.
Nature’s aphrodisiacs
While today scientists argue about whether food can really have an aphrodisiac effect, history tells us otherwise. Over the centuries meals have been celebrated for their arousing effects. From mushrooms to maple syrup, figs to ginseng, different flavours, textures and temperatures can stimulate the mind and the body on a night of romance. For Sydney singles looking to impress the abundance of fresh Rock Oysters would make an ideal aphrodisiac starter, while anyone in South Australia should make the most of the unique organic honey produced on Kangaroo Island.
Romantic dinners are as much about location as they are about gastronomy. Australia has no shortage of delightful dinner spots to choose from when you’re organising a heartfelt meal. If you just met, whether through friends or on a dating site like eHarmony, it may be best to pick a quiet but romantic spot so that you are able to talk easily and get to know one another. During summer an impromptu gourmet picnic on the coast is always a great option, with beaches like Bronte and Glenelg creating the perfect passionate backdrop.
Meal ideas
When it comes to creating a dinner that inspires passion, the secret is all in the decadence. Diet drinks and sugar free desserts have no place in a romantic dinner.
It’s also worthwhile to think about the flavours that really make your partner happy, whether it’s caramelised onions or goat’s cheese. Keeping in mind the importance of personalising the flavours for your partner’s palette, some possible meal plans could include:
Serve a selection of fresh and local seafood including shelled prawns, mussels and oysters Kilpatrick.
Serve a delicious rack of lamb with a parmesan and herb crust, or draw inspiration from the cuisine of love with a French style duck breast.
Think indulgent and decadent thoughts when dreaming up the perfect dessert. Red Velvet cupcakes, dark chocolate soufflés or a rich chocolate mousse are all passion-inspiring final courses.
Things to avoid
There are some flavours, textures and aromas that can put a damper on the romantic feel of a dinner. The most obvious is the pungent smell of garlic, but strong-smelling fish like cod and aromatic cheeses like some blue vein varieties can also be off-putting.
It may sound obvious but be sure to do your research about any food allergies and intolerances your partner experiences. Also, you might consider yourself to be gastronomically cutting edge, but a romantic dinner isn’t always the place to test out obscure flavour combinations, unless of course your partner shares your own innovative and creative spirit.
If you follow these simple steps, you will be well on your way to creating a perfect meal for your partner.

(This is a sponsored post on the behalf of eHarmony Australia)

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