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24 Nov


A guide to creating the perfect romantic meal

Brought to you by eHarmony

When it comes to creating a truly romantic atmosphere, a beautiful home-cooked meal is an excellent start. However there are some recipes that are more inspiring than others when it comes to creating a sensual mood. For any would-be romantics with a knack in the kitchen, here is a step-by-step guide to producing the perfect recipe for 2.
Nature’s aphrodisiacs
While today scientists argue about whether food can really have an aphrodisiac effect, history tells us otherwise. Over the centuries meals have been celebrated for their arousing effects. From mushrooms to maple syrup, figs to ginseng, different flavours, textures and temperatures can stimulate the mind and the body on a night of romance. For Sydney singles looking to impress the abundance of fresh Rock Oysters would make an ideal aphrodisiac starter, while anyone in South Australia should make the most of the unique organic honey produced on Kangaroo Island.
Romantic dinners are as much about location as they are about gastronomy. Australia has no shortage of delightful dinner spots to choose from when you’re organising a heartfelt meal. If you just met, whether through friends or on a dating site like eHarmony, it may be best to pick a quiet but romantic spot so that you are able to talk easily and get to know one another. During summer an impromptu gourmet picnic on the coast is always a great option, with beaches like Bronte and Glenelg creating the perfect passionate backdrop.
Meal ideas
When it comes to creating a dinner that inspires passion, the secret is all in the decadence. Diet drinks and sugar free desserts have no place in a romantic dinner.
It’s also worthwhile to think about the flavours that really make your partner happy, whether it’s caramelised onions or goat’s cheese. Keeping in mind the importance of personalising the flavours for your partner’s palette, some possible meal plans could include:
Serve a selection of fresh and local seafood including shelled prawns, mussels and oysters Kilpatrick.
Serve a delicious rack of lamb with a parmesan and herb crust, or draw inspiration from the cuisine of love with a French style duck breast.
Think indulgent and decadent thoughts when dreaming up the perfect dessert. Red Velvet cupcakes, dark chocolate soufflés or a rich chocolate mousse are all passion-inspiring final courses.
Things to avoid
There are some flavours, textures and aromas that can put a damper on the romantic feel of a dinner. The most obvious is the pungent smell of garlic, but strong-smelling fish like cod and aromatic cheeses like some blue vein varieties can also be off-putting.
It may sound obvious but be sure to do your research about any food allergies and intolerances your partner experiences. Also, you might consider yourself to be gastronomically cutting edge, but a romantic dinner isn’t always the place to test out obscure flavour combinations, unless of course your partner shares your own innovative and creative spirit.
If you follow these simple steps, you will be well on your way to creating a perfect meal for your partner.

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