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Tutorial: Add 3D Looking labels to your images in Photoshop

19 Aug


Learn how to add 3D looking labels, like the ones in the above image to your images using Photoshop.  For detailed instructions view my FREE tutorial here. To download the font used in this image click here.

Font Loving: 5 of my favourite free fonts

13 Aug


I recently had a reader ask me what some of the fonts I use on my “Motivational Images” were and where she could download them. Because of this I decided to create this post showing my readers where to find some amazing free fonts and which ones I like most. Firstly I download all my font for free from dafont.com and fontzone.net. Because of these amazing websites I have a HUGE font collection and it was hard for me to choose which fonts I like best. After much thought and deduction here are 5 of my all time favourite free fonts, some cheesy some not. If you wish to download any of the listed fonts simply click on the font name to be redirected.

Alpha Cloud: 

Rough Typewriter:

Halo Handletter:

Sweetly Broken: (My absolute Fav)


So there you have it 5 of my favourite free fonts. If you are ever curious as to what font/s I have used in my edits feel free to comment on the post, I am more than happy to let you know the name of the font and where to download it.

What are you favourite fonts?

Becky, K.

Ten things to do when you’re feeing blue

29 Jul


Number 1. Go for a long walk or stroll. Not only will walking allow you to clear your head, walking like any form of exercise releases endorphins, the bodies natural happy pills.

Number 2. Give your pet a cuddle. I can’t think of a better pick me up then a pet’s unconditional love. If you don’t have a pet of your own visit a friend or family with one or even better visit your local animal shelter. Animals in shelters are always in need of some extra affection.

Number 3. Draw yourself a bath and enjoy the bubbles. Hot water tends to relieve tension and who could be sad when surrounded by masses of sweetly scented bubbles.

Number 4. Get baking. Not only is baking fun it will keep  your mind off whatever is making you sad. Plus as an added bonus you get to eat your delicious creations after all your hard work is complete.

Number 5: Light some scented candles or incense.

Number 6: Indulge in some comfort food. No need to feel guilty a treat every so often is totally acceptable, especially when you’re feeling blue.

Number 7: Dance! Dance like nobody is watching. Dancing is fun, expressive and like walking releases endorphins.

Number 8: Hang out with your friends. Who better to cheer you up than those you love.

Number 9. Watch something corny (sort of like the image below). Whether it be an old stand up comedy clip on Youtube or a 70′s TV show like the Brady Bunch, the cheesy singing gets me every time, so darn funny!

Number 10. Write a list of all the good things you have in your life. Guaranteed 10 points into this exercise you will feel a hell of a lot better!

So there you have it 10 things to do when you’re feeling blue. If you have any of your own additions feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Source of original stock images. I do not claim credit for the original images, nor do I own the right to them, I simply edited them.


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