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Monday Inspirations

11 Nov


Monday Lust



* i just adore this skull planter by Mud Puppy on Etsy. Add a cute cactus or succulent and it would make for the perfect desk accessory. Find the full range here.

* This chocolate mint cake looks absolutely delicious and is definitely what I will be requesting for my next birthday! Find the recipe here on the Raspberri Cupcakes Blog.

* This quilted duffle bag from ASOS is a cute as it is practical and a steal at around $50!

* This Felix font on Dafont.com is pretty awesome and a great addition to any library. Download your own set here.

* I just love the unique design of the geometric clutch by Coriumi on Etsy. Plus the seller is offering 20% at the moment! Find it here.

* These cute cassette post it notes bring back all that 90’s nostalgia and are the next thing to be added to my vast stationery collection. Find them here.

* This cute fox mug by Vitaminaeu is too cute not to own. Find it here plus a whole heap of other cute designs.


Monday Inspirations

4 Nov


monday lust


Arrow* I have been on the hunt for a semi-formal dress for an upcoming 21st and I think this stunning maxi from Lipsy may be it! What do you think?

* This Triple Berry Japanese Cotton Soft Cheesecake from the Raspberri Cupcakes Blog looks almost (almost) too cute to eat. Find the recipe here

* I just love these neon yellow and black colour-blocked heels from ASOS. Find them here.

* I just love this Cat Shop font on Dafont.com

* Last Christmas I received the Will & Grace box set from a lovely friend. I have finally gotten around to watching it and can not get enough! A great series if you’re looking for some laughs. Be forewarned you’ll get hooked! 

* I just adore this graphic print by Kavan & Co on Society6.

* This adorable sun yellow lady fix pillow from Typo would make the perfect accessory to brighten up any room. Plus a total steal at 2 for $30! Find the full range here

Monday inspirations

20 Oct


Becky Ann Loves


Arrow * I just love the simplicity of the lettering on this super cute tee from ASOS. Plus it’s a steal at only $25. Find it here.

* Jess from Jess Classy has been hosting some guest posts lately, including my sugar free blueberry muffins (thanks Jess!) All of which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. My fave guest post however had to be from Blogger (also) Jess of 26 & Not Counting, who shared her Weight Loss Story. A super motivating read and perhaps best of all honest and to the point without all that mushy stuff. Read it here.

* There’s no denying that Kaelah from Honey Bee in the City is one of my favourite Bloggers. Kaelah has been posting a bunch of cocktail recipes all of which look super tatsy. I recently tried her Sweet Blueberry Mojito  which was amazing!

* I recently indulged in a Matcha Green tea Latte at a local cafe and was instantly hooked. I was even happier when I discovered you can make your own at home using  Matcha Green Tea Latte Mix which is available online. I purchased mine here but there’s also a heap on Amazon if you’re looking for shipping outside of oz.

* Keeping with the season (Halloween!) this “Raining Bones” print on Society6 is a must have. Well for me at least! Find it here.

* This Strawberry Ice Box Cake from Lets Dish Recipes looks absolutely mouth watering. Find the recipe here.

* This Scribbe Box Font by KC Fonts is perfect for those quirky designs that require a unique touch. I just love the crosshatched lettering.

* I just love kooky dress from ASOS. It reminds me of the movie that I as a kid I found equally interesting as I did terrifying; Beetle Juice. ArrowSignnn

Monday Inspirations

14 Oct


Link Love


Arrow* This Boozy banana & Butterscotch Ice Cream sounds and looks absolutely delicious. A great treat for this warmer weather! Find the recipe on The Bojon Gourmet Blog.

* This striped skater dress from ASOS is almost as perfect for the warmer weather as the above ice cream. I just love the cut out detail and cute print.

* As a coffee lover I often get asked what my favourite brand is or what I recommend. Admittedly I love ALL coffee but have if forced to choose I’d say that Merlo has to be my favourite. All the coffee shops I frequent use their grinds and Merlo happens to be a local brand which is always a plus.

* I have had a bottle of Crystal Skull Vodka sitting on the bar for almost a year now and have just decided to open it (it looked to pretty to crack!). All I can say is that I now have a new fave vodka (sorry Belvedere) and a cute vase for Halloween. (Image found here)

* These sweet little office DIY’s are sure to spice up any space without costing an arm and a leg.

* This Candy Inc. front available for free download here (Personal Use Only) has fast become one of my favourite vintage inspired fonts.

*Bleedout by Joan Brady. A definte page turner. Read more about the storyline and some reviews on GoodReads.

* Despite already owning way too many prints I can’t help but lust after this simple yet elegant Ampersand Print by Jude Landry on Society6.

* Katrina from Pugly Pixel has long been my favourite Design Blogger. Subscribing to the Pugly Pixel “Geek Girl Chronicles Extra Pack” was the best $5 I ever spent when it came to learning design and building up my resource portfolio. Register here and find some pretty sweet freebies here.


Monday inspirations

7 Oct


Monday Lust



* I just adore these beautiful watercolour prints by Jenny Viljaniemi on Society6. 

* This Chocolate Peanut butter & banana pie from the Lets Dish Blog sounds and looks absolutely delicious. 

* I just love this triangle patterned shift dress from ASOS. The simple cut and bold design just seem to make this dress pop!

* This little elephant ring holder is as cute as it is practical and would look perfect on just about anyones night stand. Find it here

* This blood spattered nail art would be perfect for halloween. Find the tutorial here.

* I love this “Autumn Font” available for free download on Font Space

* The “30 People who are even more oblivious to flirting to you are!” article featured on Thought Catalogue had me giggling for  way too long! Certainly worth a read for all those awkward romantics (like myself!) 

* I love this quote: “Creativity is Intelligence having fun”. Image found here

* This sweet little French Bulldog pic seems to be popping up all over my Instagram and Twitter feeds lately and I can’t help but smile every time I see it! (If anyone knows the original source be sure to let me know)




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