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Candy Infused Vodka 3 ways

22 Sep


A friend of mine recently came back from the US gushing about all the amazing flavoured vodkas she tried on her trip (cake vodka anyone?) I have to admit as a vodka lover I was a bit envious but instead of going to Dan’s (An Australian liquor store for my international readers) and having a whinge about their lack of range, I thought why not try and make my own flavours. I have been making my own Limoncello for a while now (you can view my recipe here) and thought that it couldn’t be too hard to whip some of my own vodka infusions. Guess what? It actually wasn’t! I created 3 types of candy infused vodka; Bubblegum, Fairy Floss and Redskin (Raspberry). Here’s what to do:

For each infusion you will need 700ml of plain vodka, a funnel, 1L jar/bottle with a lid and a fine sieve. For the fairy floss infusion you will need 2 cups of your favourite fairy floss, for the bubblegum 1 cup of bubblegum pieces and for the redskin you will need 1 cup of redskin pieces.

What to do is simple. Using the funnel pour your vodka into the 1L bottle using your funner. Add your candy or fairy floss and securely re-attach the lid and give your mixture a bit of a shake. Allow your vodka to infuse for at least 2 weeks in the freezer, shaking every so often. The longer you leave it the more flavoursome it will become. Once ready carefully remove whats left of the candy by pouring your liquid through the sieve into the funnel and back into your original bottle. You may need to repeat this step a few times to ensure all residue is gone. These candy infused vodkas taste divine with fresh sweetened lemonade, a dash of lime juice and some fresh berries. Enjoy and as always drink responsibly.

PS: If you want a really bright pink liquid add a few drops of food dye.

Make your own Limoncello

24 Jul


I understand this recipe may not follow the traditional method used to make limoncello, but this is what I did and it worked for me. I suggest using homegrown lemons or organic (The lemons I used are from my grandmothers garden) as you will be using the skin/rind of the lemon and normal store bought lemons can be coated in wax or pesticides. If you cannot find homegrown or organic, soak the lemons in apple cider vingear for a few minutes this should remove any residues.
Ok, so back the recipe…


What you will need:
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Water (plus extra for boiling)
1/2 Fresh Lemon Juice
The rind of 2 lemons, diced
500mL Plain Vodka

What to do:
Firstly you will need to candy the lemon peel to do this boil the peel in some water for 20 minutes or until it becomes slightly clear.
Remove from the stove and strain.
In a saucepan bring to the boil 1 cup of water, the sugar and lemon juice.
Add the lemon peel and bring to the boil for 5 minutes.
Reduce to a simmer and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
Allow to cool.
Strain 3/4 of the liquid (Do not discard as this lemon infused simple syrup is great in cocktails and cooking)
Pour the lemon peel and remaining liquid into a bottle and add the vodka.
Allow to infused for at least a week. The longer you leave it the more intense the flavour.
Once done strain and serve chilled.
Makes about 20 shooters or 700ml.

Make your Own: Chilli Infused Olive Oil

24 Jul


What you will need:

200 Grams of Chillies (Any type works fine, I prefer red)
3 cloves of garlic (Broken up into section, do worry about peeling)
700mL Olive Oil
Lined Baking tray
Large jar or bottle that holds around 1L of liquid.

What to do:

First you will need to dry out the garlic and chillies. To do this line a baking tray with baking paper. Place the chillies and garlic onto the tray. Place the tray in oven at 100 Degrees C for around 2 hours.
Your chillies and garic cloves should have shrivelled up but not burnt or darkened too much.
Once cooled place the chillies and garlic in a large jar or bottle and pour over the oil.
Shake well and allow to infused for at least 2 weeks.

Enjoy and note that longer you leave the oil to infuse the stronger the flavour will be.


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