Favourite Free Photoshop Brushes (Part 1)

29 Jul


I have decided to create regular posts which demonstrate the use of some of my favourite free Photoshop brushes and where to find them. This is my first addition and the brushes I have chosen to feature are the “Moldy Notebook Paper” set. These brushes are free to download from the Colorburned website here. This set consists of 15 different brushes with varying effects. Below are some of the edits I created quiet simply by playing around with these brushes, the modes and fills. If you are interested in a step by step tutorial for any of these effects comment on this post stating which effect(s) and I will put together an instructional post(s).

Effect: Highly Saturated 

Effect: Vintage Painting

Effect: Scrunched Watercolour

Effect: Underexposed + High Contrast

So there you have it 4 easy to create effects using the Moldy Notebook Paper Brushes. To view the before images Click Here.

All images used are free stock images downloaded from Stock.XCHNG, I do not own the rights to claim ownership of any of the original images.

One Response to “Favourite Free Photoshop Brushes (Part 1)”

  1. web designer January 14, 2013 at 9:41 pm #

    Amazing collection. Seeing great collections like this is like being a kid and getting a big box of crayons - just makes you want to play!

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