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Recipe inspiration

1 Apr



A friend of mine who reads my blog recently asked me where I get a lot of my inspiration from when it comes to my recipes. I will admit that a lot of my recipes come from combining together what is left in the pantry or fridge and hoping it turns out ok. On a student budget I can’t always afford to be buying fancy ingredients for recipes, especially when I am unsure if I will even like the results. Having said this on occasion (usually on payday!) I will fork out for what it costs to make that recipe I have been dying to try.

Like most self defined “foodies” I draw a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest as well as other food blogs. However, my primary source of inspiration and kitchen decor for that matter is cookbooks. I just love the way they look and display but perhaps most of all I like how they allow me to peruse a variety of recipes in the one place. Below are a few of my favourites;

Michelle Cranston for Marie Claire

Marie Claire Cookbooks

When it comes to budget friendly ($10 a book from Kmart!) and pretty this series is the way to go. The recipes are simple and fresh and are full of flavour, despite only containing a few ingredients. I recommend these cookbooks to anyone looking for budget friendly, healthy and easy to make recipes. (Note: the Baked Chai Custard from Fresh + Easy is Amazing!)

Mastering the Art of Baking by Anneka Manning

Masterign the art of baking

This is the book that taught me how to bake. It’s like a one stop guide to becoming an excellent baker. It starts off with the basics; utensils, ingredient types and techniques and progresses into recipes. Even if you already know how to bake the recipes alone are well worth the purchase and it’s a great reference guide when it comes to measurements, techniques and substitutions.

Cooking with Soy by Yoshiko Takeuchi

Cooking with SoyThis is the book I bought when looking to expand my culinary horizons and start creating more unique vegetarian food. The recipes are interesting and completely vegan. Although I haven’t made many of the dishes featured in this book what I have made have all been very tasty. This book has taught me how to shape gyozas and deep fry tofu to crispy perfection in any easy to read and follow manner. The only downfall with the recipes featured is that some of the ingredients aren’t available in supermarkets and will require a the Asian grocer. But I assure you the trip is well worth if you are looking at trying something new.

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen by Michelle Palm


This is the book I bring out of hiding before every party or gathering I host. The book is jam packed with cute and creative alcoholic and non-alcohohlic jelly shots, which are sure to impress even the fussiest of guests. My favourite recipes include Pomegranate Martini, Blue Hawaii and White Chocolate Martini jelly shots. In the book the shots are made using cute little moulds, but due to my lack of patience (and time) I usually just use shot plastic glasses and they still turn out great. For recipes not featured in the book you can visit the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen Blog.

So there you have it a few of the many books I draw inspiration from when it comes to my recipes. What are your favourite cookbooks? Feel free to comment below I am always on the lookout for something new! Becky xo

Finding Inspiration

26 Oct


It’s Spring here in Australia and with the sun shining and the flowers blooming yellow seemed like a fitting colour for today’s Colour Inspiration feature. Enjoy the sunshine! Becky xo

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Finding Inspiration

23 Oct


I recently discovered the work of Pakayla Biehn via Tumblr and fell instantly in love with her Double Exposure Series. Above are a few of my favourite pieces from this collection. Be sure to check out the rest of Pakayla’s amazing artwork on her website and show her some love by following her on Tumblr. If you know of an amazing Artist or happen to be one yourself and would your work showcased here at Pixi Wishes & Forehead Kisses feel free to contact us with a link to your website or Flickr. We would love to hear from you!

Finding Inspiration

22 Oct


Tiffany Blue just oozes elegance and class that’s why I have chosen it for today’s colour inspiration feature. Here are a few of my favourite Tiffany Blue Inspired images. How amazing are those sequin shorts!?  Becky xo

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Finding Inspiration

16 Oct


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