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Becky has collaborated with various companies and organisations and has experience working with small gourmet stores and independant authors to giant retailers and nationwide organisations. Becky is always opening to new ideas and potential  partnerships so if  you are interested in exposing your blog, product or event to an growing audience becoming a Sponsor may be the way to go.  To express your interest in sponsorship or for more information don’t hesitate to contact Becky at : [email protected]


Although only established in late July this year (2012) Pixi Wishes & Forehead kisses receives an average of  1300+ page views a day and hit a high of 3,484 page view on September 10th 2012 . Becky has over 16,000 Twitter Followers, 3700+ Pinterest Followers and 1100+ Tumblr Followers. With these numbers growing daily.

Interested in an Button swap?

At Pixi Wishes & Forehead we love the idea of finding and sharing unique content with our readers. If you believe your blog or website is something the readers here at Pixi Wishes & Forehead would enjoy why not consider taking part in our button swap promotion. Buttons measure (150x 150px) and are displayed in the sidebar. To express your interest or for more information don’t hesitate to contact Becky at: [email protected] Don’t forget to include a link to your blog or website in your email. Please note as of November swaps will be limited to 8 features. To view our range of buttons click here and don’t forget to check out our info about becoming one our Guest Bloggers.

Want to Post a Give Away, Competition or have your product reviewed?

We would be more than happy to feature and promote it! If interested feel free to contact Becky at: [email protected]
There will be no charge for such features.

Now taking Book Reviews and Giveaways!

Email Becky  more details; [email protected]

(*Stats. current November 2012).

One Response to “Sponsorship & Stats”

  1. missflamboyante December 11, 2012 at 11:54 pm #

    HI! I do monthly giveaways with the current being: https://missflamboyante.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/december-giveaway-because-i-love-you-all/
    I wonder if that was something for you?
    Best, Nadine

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