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Currently Coveting

5 Mar


Jewellery Organisation

I have a tonne of jewellery and am lacking space to put it all. Because of my ever growing collection I have been on the hunt for some cute display pieces to house my favourite pieces. Above are a few of my favourites. Do you have any jewellery display ideas? Becky xo

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Currently Coveting

19 Feb



Gumboots or Wellingtons seem to be a hugely popular in the blogging world at the moment and I absolutely love this craze. Although I personally wouldn’t be confident enough to incorporate them into my everyday wardrobe {props to those who do so so effortlessly!} I think they would be a practical {and pretty} contribution to my wardrobe. A friend of mine is studying wildlife conservation and I have spent many mornings catching lizards and frogs for his research and in the process have destroyed many pairs of shoes and been left with scratched and bruised shins. It’s times like these a pair of hardy gumboots would have come in handy!

Hunter GumBoots

Above a few of my favourite styles. I love the sky blue and yellow coloured ones but keep changing my mind! What are you faves? Becky xo

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Currently Coveting

17 Feb


With the weather {finally} cooling down here in Australia I am on the hunt for some new flats. I absolutely love these adorable flats with cute little animal faces and drawings. Plus as an added bonus they look super comfortable. I hate having to wear in shoes. Blisters are the devil! What are your favourite flats of the season?

Becky xo

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Currently Coveting

15 Feb


Lately I have been obsessed with girly hair accessories. In particular patterned hair bows, headbands and turbans. Above are a few of my current favourites which are all less than $25.00 each!  What are your favourites? Help me decide!

Becky xo

Ps Experiencing major hair envy! How pretty are the above model’s (pics 1, 6 and 8) ginger locks!?

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Currently Coveting

15 Jan


Currently Coveting Cute CobaltMaybe it’s the overkill of brights and florals that seem to dominate the Australian Summer or hoping that this scorching heat will subside into a cool Autumn breeze, but I have been lusting after some darker shades lately. In particular cobalt and black. Above a few items my wardrobe is calling out to harbour. What do you think? Becky xo

1. Blue Flutter Sleeve Dress from Modcloth. 2. Bird Cage Earrings also from Modcloth. 3. New Look Ankle Boots from ASOS. 4. Black leather River Island Bag from ASOS.


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